Become a Great World of Warcraft Guild Leader

To become a good World of Warcraft guild master or leader is very hard to do. You have so many things that you have to do and have to be able to do them well. I was a level 32 when I first started my guild known as Stormwind EMS. Now with this guild we have had good times and bad times. And the good times seem to out weigh the bad. Once you have a guild established if it is a good guild, it belongs to the members not just the leader. Although the leaders have the right to run the guild how they see fit. But if you make a bad choice you will hear about it.
Every Guild wants to have a large number of members. And what you can do to achieve this is by allowing any level or race in your faction to join. There are two factions: The Horde, and The Alliance. Sormwind EMS is on the Alliance. Once you get a group of people who play as the guild leader it is up to you to socialize with them and help them. Let them know what type of guild you would like to be. And see to it that they stick to what you want. Once you start seeing that some player are willing to keep what you wish reward them by promotions.

One of the many issues with the guild is access to the guild bank. And here is where the problem lies. You invite a member to the guild, they have access to the bank. They take everything they can and then they leave the guild. This is very annoying but some people do it to guild after guild. Because they do not tale the proper steps to protect their bank. Which includes lowering access for lower ranking members.

One of the more fun sides of being in a good guild is the fact that there will almost always be someone willing to run what is know as an Instance. The Instance also known as a dungeon is an area where only people who are in your group can get into with you. You can run these together as a guild for quest or loot or just to do something as a guild. With my guild we run once a week. Usually on Saturday.

One of the things that is most important to the guild is the willingness to help other members of the guild. If you have members helping members it is all the better. But if you are still very small I suggest inviting lower levels and helping them. They will in return help other lower levels. It can be seen in my guild a lot. If you want your guild to be successful helping is the key.

One other note, you have the option of setting a guild message that every member can see. I used to hate when I would see “Deposit as much money as you can as fast as you can into the guild bank” and then in return you do not have access to remove what you deposited. If you need money for a certain item like another bank tab. Put that in your message as well. This way when new members join they will see why money is being asked for.

I hope this little guide has helped provide you some things to think about when trying to start a new guild. If you follow your best judgment and are willing to provide the time you could become a legendary guild leader with an awesome guild.