Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Lightning Javazon Build


The Amazon Lightning Javazon Build is the end game build that can get a player through nightmare and hell difficulty levels.

It holds the highest DPS in the game. You can utilize the Lightning Fury skill to deal with mobs from a distance. Whereas, the Charged Strike skill can be utilized while approaching an elite mob or boss. You can clear any end-game content easily through it.

The Amazon Lightning Javazon Build is intended for nightmare and hell difficulty levels that start around level 40. It’s recommended that you start off with the Poison Javazon Build and then switch to Lightning Javazon at a later stage. If you’re already doing that, and you want to switch to this build, you can do it by claiming the ‘Den of Evil’ reward from the NPC named Kara (Rogue Encampment). You’ll get 3 re-specs and you’ll need to be on the same difficulty level to claim it.

Stat Distribution

Similar to most builds on the Diablo 2 Resurrected platform, the stat distribution for this build will focus on assigning the attribute points into Strength and Dexterity so that the equipment requirements can be met, for the diablo 2 lightning javazon build. The remaining points will be added into Vitality for additional life points.

You’ll need to assign enough points in Strength to equip your equipment. It will entirely depend upon the gear that you’re using, as well as the additional Strength bonus you’re getting from it. Dexterity will depend upon the type of javelin you’ll be using, for diablo 2 lightning javazon. Titan’s Revenge has lower requirements than Thunderstroke, so you need to select according to your preference, and only then invest. The remaining points are going to be added in Vitality, and you don’t need to invest anything in Energy, for diablo 2 lightning javazon.


If you have a Hellfire Touch and an Annihilus; it will greatly reduce your attribute points investment in Strength. Instead, you can utilize these two charms to obtain +10 to 20 points in every attribute and +10 to 20 points in Elemental Resistances. If you have both in your inventory, it’ll save about 20 to 40 stat points, which can then be used for Vitality to increase your health pool, for D2R lightning javazon. The passive resistances that the charms offer will allow you to depend less on +All Resistance gear.

However, if you don’t have an Annihilus or a Hellfire Touch already, you need to stop what you’re doing and focus on obtaining them, for diablo 2 lightning javazon build. The perfectly rolled ones are quite costly, but you can always opt for the bad ones at an affordable price, and then upgrade it when you have enough gold.


Lighting Fury increases the Javelin throw and releases a bolt of lightning. Pierce offers projectiles a chance to pass through enemies when the attack hits. Charged Strike performs a melee attack combined with Lightning damage. Penetrate helps increase your overall Attack Rating. Dodge/Avoid/Evade helps evade the enemy’s incoming attacks in various scenarios. Valkyrie is an optional skill to act as a meat shield to protect your mercenary. It basically draws enemy attention away from them.

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Lore (Runeword), Javelins (All Rarities), Ancient’s Pledge (Runeword), Peace (Runeword), Gloves with additional Javelin skill and Attack Speed, Belt with Life and Resistances, Boots with Faster Walk or Run Speed, alongside Life and Resistances, Ring with Life & Mana Leech, and Stats & Resistances, Amulet with Stats, Health, Resistances or additional Amazon/Javelin Skills, and Charms with additional Life, Resistances, Attack Rating, Damage, and Javelin Skills for D2R lightning javazon.

Max Level Equipment

Griffon’s Eye (Unique), Titan’s Revenge (Unique)/Thunderstroke (Unique)/Javelin (Magic), Spirit (Runeword), Call To Arms (Runeword) + Spirit Shield (Runeword), Chains of Honor (Runeword)/Enigma (Runeword), Razortail (Unique)/Thundergod’s Vigor (Unique), Aldur’s Advance/War Traveler (Unique)/Sandstorm (Unique), 1x Stone of Jordan (Unique)/1x Raven Frost (Unique), and Highlord’s Wrath (Unique)/Mara’s Kaleidoscope (Unique).