OSRS Zalcano Guide


Zalcano is a non-combat skilling boss that was added onto the OSRS platform along with the ‘Song of the Elves’ update. Honestly, it’s already titled as one of the best methods to make in-game money, and it is also a genuine source to earn experience in Mining, Smithing, and Rune Crafting. If you want to know how to efficiently defeat the boss and similarly learn how to strategically increase your experience, as we as drop rates, then continue to read further.

General Information

The boss Zalcano osrs is basically Skotizo’s sister, and she was captured by the elf race during the time God Wars. She is contained within her chamber that is beneath the city of Prifddinas, and players can without much trouble, enter the arena to fight against her. Her bodily structure is of stone, and she can only be defeated with the help of a pickaxe. In other words, when her defences are low, you’ll have to use your mining skill on her and kill her.

Everyone who has helped in defeating the boss will receive drops from her, but it’ll entirely depend upon how much you’ve contributed. The player who has performed the most actions and damage will receive a special bonus reward. Similarly, the chance to obtain the pet is only for the winning player.


You have to be cautious while fighting against Zalcano osrs, as she can attack players with various attack forms. The whole idea or concept is to obtain an Imbued Tephra that can be thrown at her to bring down her defences. The item can be obtained through a three-step process including Mining, Smithing, and Rune Crafting. While going through these processes, ensure that you’re strategically avoiding her attacks.

To start off this part of the zalcano guide, you must run towards the corner of the room where a glowing rock formation is visible. You’ll have to mine it and run to the furnace that is to the east. Once the refined Tephra has been made with the help of the furnace, you must run towards the altar (western part of the room) and turn the item into an Imbued Tephra using your Rune Crafting skills. Now, you have to wield the Imbued Tephra and throw it at the boss (the other party members will do the same) so that her defences can be lowered. You can increase your accuracy by standing on top of the blue appearing circle. Once her defences are lowered, you’ll notice the signal where you have to use your pickaxe to mine her and deal damage. This process needs to be repeated until she is defeated.

During the battling phase, she will also summon a Golem, who has the ability to restore her damaged health. To prevent this from happening, you and your team have to use Imbued Tephra on it. You don’t want to worry about saving them up, because the Golem will drop a good amount of Tephra’s once it is defeated.

Since it’s not a safe battle, you’ll have to dodge the attacks from Zalcano, but first, you must understand the attacks that she uses. Let’s have a look. When she stomps the ground, boulders will fall from the ceiling, but you can easily dodge them by watching over their shadows and where they’re about to fall. When the demonic circles are summoned, make sure that you don’t walk over the orange ones because it’ll cause a good amount of damage. Steer clear from the rocks when required, because when the mining location changes, she will throw a glowing red ball at the next available rock location. Finally, always keep your HP at peak, because Zalcano can throw pebbles at the player and cause low but unavoidable damage.

Recommended Gear

Since you don’t need any special armour or weapons for defeating the boss, there are numerous setups that players approach. The focus is mostly to equip a gear that preserves the run energy or improves the efficiency in mining. So, to free up some inventory space, it’s best that you go with Graceful Outfit, rather than Stamina Potions. Along with it, you can opt for Dragon Pickaxe or Crystal Pickaxe, and Prayer Book or Falador Shield. In terms of HCM (Hardcore Ironmen), it’s best that you keep a Phoenix Necklace with you because it isn’t a safe mini-game.

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